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Quadbar Flexi Quadbar Flexi Quadbar Flexi

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Available for purchase.- lead time is about 3 weeks (NOTE: This design is Eligible Victorian, NSW and Tasmania Rebates. Negotiations re the NZ rebate have not been finalised. Tow exertion is an optional extra) Designed to flex rearwards in an inadvertent contact with overhead obstacles. The Quadbar is a small unobtrusive, structure mounted on the quadbike behind the rider designed to counter some of the risks associated with rollovers. The Quadbar acts as a Crush Protection Device (CPD) as opposed to the more commonly known roll over protective structures (ROPS). A typical ROPS would require a full cage and driver restraint, which are not feasible on a rider active vehicle such as a quadbike. The innovative new design allows the top half to flex when needed but then 'locks' to offer the protection to the rider in the same way as a traditional rollbar. The height is adjustable when installing the Quadbar Flexi by cutting the lower structure tube to the desired length. Tow bar extension is available in the Accessories section

Total: $ 660 AUD